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Pay Per Enquiry

Sales and marketing is an important part of your business, it can determine the level of success of the business, its growth and development. More sales, usually means more profit, however, literally thousand of pounds can be spent on sound marketing ideas, which promises a lot less than it sometimes delivers. With the rise of online directories, cost per click, search engine optimisation it is often unclear which marketing solution will lead to more enquiries, which ultimately means more sales.

The success of our pay per enquiry service, is dependant on us providing you with quality enquiries that you are able to convert into sales, at price that is cost effective. Businesses can spend a 1000 on a marketing campaign and receive 5 enquiries from that campaign, along with questionable marketing exposure. That is a cost of 200 per enquiry, depending on your conversion rate (the rate you convert enquiries into sales) and your profit margins this can either represent a loss or excellent value for money. Regardless of which, we believe that we can sell you enquiries at a rate that is cost effective enough for you to employ our services. We are able to do this, because we concentrate our efforts on marketing, so you can concentrate your efforts on producing a quality product or service.

Pay Per Sale

If you are able to complete sales for you product or service online we are able to complete to carry out your marketing as well as your complete your sales. Just like above we carry out extensive marketing for your product or service, then follow up every lead and convert them into sales. This is solely a pay for performance service, where we take all the risk in marketing your product/service for you, we will use some or all of the following strategies including, buying keywords, produce online adverts, we use pay per click, email campaigns, affiliates, telesales and search engine optimisation to drive customers towards your product or services and completing a sale. We then charge a commission on every sale. This paid on performance, is at no risk to yourselves, it success is balancing the needs of advertiser and affiliate, to maximise return for both.

We can refer potential customers to your site, and are rewarded for those that convert. The payment model is Cost Per Action (CPA), which means you only pay when a valid action occurs on your site - e.g. a sale, an order, an application etc. As with your own sales team, you define the action and you confirm when it has occurred.

We can also drive high quality, converting traffic to a site in order to maximise their return. So in addition to 'sales', you also increase the overall traffic to your site and help to grow awareness of your brand online, at no extra cost or risk to you. The key to success is balancing the needs of advertiser and affiliate, to maximise return for both